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Next Up… Best Guest We Can Find

For Moms Who Need Encouragement In Hard Times: Surprise Guest... Stay Tuned... Help for hurting, hurried, hassled moms who need HEALING. On ChannelMom this week: Tune in and ENJOY your Mom Life on next ChannelMom Radio (join us on Facebook LIVE) LISTEN LIVE HERE...

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Next Up… How To Feel Better About YOU

Tips for Moms To Feel Better About Themselves--from Michele Cushatt: Author, Speaker, Mom and 3-Time Cancer Survivor Michele Cushatt... Michele helps you feel better by realizing you ARE ENOUGH, mom! Michele's new book "I Am" explores how to STOP negative self-talk......

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Next Up… Research on What Moms Need

What Do Moms Need... Really? All classes... all races... all backgrounds... and all worldviews... ALL moms have some universal needs... and we pinpoint them. Let's get REAL about what moms need and how they can get it, in a world that sometimes overlooks the...

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Next Up… Do You Have a Rebel Child?

Help for Moms Struggling With Rebellious Children: Lori Wildenberg understands what it's like to have a rebel child --a child who goes AGAINST all you've raised them to believe! Lori is the author of Messy Journey: How Grace & Truth Offer the Prodigal A Way Home....

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