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Thinking Mom Blog: Raising Deborah or Martha?

Thinking Mom Blog: Are You Raising a Deborah or a Martha?  By Michelle Walters OK, moms – put your steel-toe shoes on because we’re about to tread into some controversial territory. I read an article a few months ago that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Since the article’s topic is one worth […]

What Dates Your House & Best Home Remodel For Less

Find Out What Makes A Home Look Dated Want to know what makes your home look dated?  Hear the answer and discover the low-cost options and solutions to upgrade your home… whether you’re selling or not!  Michelle Walters knows what makes a home attractive, as a realtor with Suburban Denver Properties and a regular Channelmom […]

Thinking Mom Blog: Get Your Home Value

Thinking Mom’s Blog: Getting Home Value If you are an active buyer anywhere in the Denver area, you probably nod vigorously when someone at a cocktail party casually states, “I hear the housing market is hot right now.”  As a real estate professional on the front lines, I see buyers who are discouraged because they […]

Surprising Ugly Item That Increases Home Value?

The Thinking Mom Blog By Michelle Walters If you live in Colorado, you know how powerful the sun is – it’s what makes the winters tolerable and, for many people, it’s one of the highlights of living in this state. So, shortly after we moved to Colorado, my husband started his solar campaign and it’s […]