Lee Strobel On Drinking Problem Before GodLee Strobel on Drinking Lifestyle and Anger Issues

Famous atheist-turned-Christian, Lee Strobel has authored many bestselling books.  Strobel admits his past included alcohol & anger, but shares his tale of transformation… which can offer hope to anyone!

Strobel’s Story Can Change A Life

With humility and grace, Strobel not only shares facts of his life, but facts he uncovered as a skeptical journalist who investigated the truth of Jesus.  Strobel has authored many bestsellers, including The Case For Christ and his most recent The Case For Christianity ANSWER BOOK.  Strobel shares an amazing personal story of inspiration, whether you have faith or not… just listen and see!

 More From Lee Strobel

Hear Strobel’s 3 Tips For A Spiritual Mismatch In Marriage.  And, more of this interview posting soon to CM Podcasts and you can find out more about Lee & his books at leestrobel.com

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