Next UP… Putting Motherhood Before Career?

Risking Her Life to Be Mom... And Meet Amazing Mom Winners: Rosie Suerdieck discovered a NEW approach to her motherhood when she went through the life-threatening birth of her 4th child. HEAR her story and advice for moms who want to mother AND do career ALSO......

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Self-Care Tips for Over Committed Moms

For a season in my life I was over committed... to everything. That season looked like this: We were in ALL the activities for ALL the good causes; I was on the steering team for my MOPS group, working in the classroom, serving on the church set up team, running the...

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Duck Dynasty for REAL on Channelmom The Guys from TV's Duck Dynasty step off the set to talk Faith, Family & Future: Enjoy EXCLUSIVE Channelmom video of Phil & Willie's extended comments; the pair are asked about controversial topics, including their...

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Next Up… 3 Tips for 3 Stages of Mom Life

Launching New ChannelMom LIVE... Your Mom Voice Can Be Heard! Three moms with three words for YOUR life... that might just make your mothering easier AND your kids happier! PLUS... How YOU can be heard on ChannelMom. We want to hear your mom ideas, passions, questions...

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Next Up…

Mom, Athlete and Author: How She Survived Cancer Five Times... Erin Weidemann reveals how she overcame cancer and found hope... Inspired to write books for girls, she created Bible Belles and discovered new vision in her life as a mom. Inspiring advice, life-changing...

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Next Up… Past Led To Mom’s Prayers

Pray for Your Baby... Pray for Your Child: And WIN the books! Jennifer Polimino shares her unbelievable past to inspire moms who have regrets over what they've done... or what's been done to them. Jennifer's deeply raw and real story ended with a prayer that turned...

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Mama Dilemma: Distracted or Present?

Ping. Beep. Ring. Notifications seem to bombard us all day long. It's not something that has happened to us, but something we've done to ourselves. We designed it this way, but the design has created distraction. The computer, laptop, iPad, Smart Phone, Apple Watch...

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Next Up… Mom Fashion, Guilt Gone

Trending In Mom Fashion (3 Tips)... And No More Guilt! MOPS Darling Fashion Show brings you cheap & easy MOM FASHION that may already be in your CLOSET. PLUS, beyond the clothes... how to care for the INNER YOU. AND if you struggle with SHAME from your past or...

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