Next Up: Actress From War Room… Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer Shares New Movie and Motivation for Moms... Speaker, Author and Actress in NEW Extra Inspirational Movie, I Can Only Imagine. Hear how it can change your perspective and BLESS your family. Discover the infinite VALUE OF A MOM when she goes away. And...

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Self-Care Tips for Over Committed Moms

For a season in my life I was over committed... to everything. That season looked like this: We were in ALL the activities for ALL the good causes; I was on the steering team for my MOPS group, working in the classroom, serving on the church set up team, running the...

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Duck Dynasty for REAL on Channelmom The Guys from TV's Duck Dynasty step off the set to talk Faith, Family & Future: Enjoy EXCLUSIVE Channelmom video of Phil & Willie's extended comments; the pair are asked about controversial topics, including their faith in...

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Next Up: Mom Mentoring, How It Can Help YOU

How Mom Mentoring Can Improve Your Mothering Walk.. Taryn Fuchs was a high schooler when she got pregnant, But TODAY she's a thriving mama with a happy daughter, partly thanks to MENTORING!  Nancy Lindgren is the Founder of MORE Mentoring, mobilizing mentors to invest...

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Next Up: Sheila Walsh Helps You Deal With Messy Life

Tips for Moms Dealing With Messy Life... from Sheila Walsh Sheila Walsh offers HELP for moms overwhelmed by the "messy" in life. As a popular speaker, author and performer, Sheila has dealt with EXTREME MESSINESS. She shares her unbelievable stories while giving you...

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Next Up: How To Pursue Your Dreams

Reconnecting With Your Dreams For Better Mom Life... Jami Kirkbride offers STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE for following your dreams And pursuing your passions... to make you a BETTER mom! As a professional counselor, Jami offers moms a NEW PERSPECTIVE And some "momtras" to boost...

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Next Up: How To Overcome Child’s Learning Disability

How Mother Daughter Overcame Severe Learning Disability: Pam Gates is moved to tears when she retells the story of her daughter's severe learning disability. She says Breanna's daily struggle robbed her of hope and self-esteem. But their story has a HAPPY ENDING......

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Next Up: Overcome Mom Regret With This…

Mom Regret and How To Overcome It--Get Takeaway Tips! Is it true?  Are MORE MOMS admitting they regret becoming moms? Too much pressure? Overwhelming tasks? Painful outcomes? Unexpected hurdles? How to deal with THIS and other mom regret from MOPS expert on...

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Next Up: Get New Year Mom Life Lift

Want A New & Improved Mom Life This Year? Get Inspired to LIVE DIFFERENTLY This Year... With Help from Us! Opportunities for Inspiration and BE An Inspiration to other moms... Shellie Rushing Tomlinson offers Devotions for the Hungry Heart And TWO Moms invite you to...

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