Next Up: Get New Year Mom Life Lift

Want A New & Improved Mom Life This Year? Get Inspired to LIVE DIFFERENTLY This Year... With Help from Us! Opportunities for Inspiration and BE An Inspiration to other moms... Shellie Rushing Tomlinson offers Devotions for the Hungry Heart And TWO Moms invite you to...

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Self-Care Tips for Over Committed Moms

For a season in my life I was over committed... to everything. That season looked like this: We were in ALL the activities for ALL the good causes; I was on the steering team for my MOPS group, working in the classroom, serving on the church set up team, running the...

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Duck Dynasty for REAL on Channelmom The Guys from TV's Duck Dynasty step off the set to talk Faith, Family & Future: Enjoy EXCLUSIVE Channelmom video of Phil & Willie's extended comments; the pair are asked about controversial topics, including their faith in...

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Next Up: Is Your Faith Not Working?

Faith in God for Those Who Feel Wrong... Brant Hansen is a nationally syndicated Radio Host & author of Blessed Are The Misfits. Brant speaks to the hurting, the misfits and the introverts who feel like they're missing something... BECAUSE not everyone “feels” God’s...

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Next Up:Festive Recipes for Body & Soul

Holiday Recipes And Healing for Your Hungry Heart...  The Belle Of All Things Southern Hands Out Prized Recipes... and Inspiration. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson offers Devotions for the Hungry Heart for MOMS needing some nourishment for BODY and SOUL DELICIOUS Recipes...

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Next Up: How Parenting Styles Help or Hurt

My Kids Admit What Works and What Doesn't...   Jenny and Her Daughter share which parenting styles work BEST. Surprising findings on what tactics WORK for your kids and what parenting styles do more HARM than good. Learn which parenting styles HELP and which ones HURT...

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Next Up… Success Sequence For Your Kids

Kids Who Follow THIS Sequence Are Successful!   Latest research shows amazing outcomes of success sequence. If YOUR kids follow sequence pattern for tween, teen and young adult years... SUCCESS is much more likely for them and their families. Expert, Joneen Mackenzie...

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Next Up: Incredible Story… 2 Moms Overcome The Odds

Two Shooting Tragedies:Two Moms Overcome  --Best friends face two separate mass shootings. They live to share amazing lessons for other moms AND how to help your kids overcome fear. Crystal Miller survived the Columbine shootings... and Christy Antonio lived to tell...

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Next Up: Find Out How Your Motherhood Matters

Encouragement for Moms to Find Purposeful Parenting: Author & Popular Blogger, September McCarthy offers SPECIFIC ways... to find and follow your purposes in parenting. From her NEW book [WHY} MOTHERHOOD MATTERS. ENCOURAGEMENT for your mothering journey. Reminders of...

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