Next Up… 3 Parenting Tips Before Your Child Leaves

What if You Could Avoid Biggest Parenting Mistakes? Getting honest... about mistakes, regrets and lessons learned over 18 years. ChannelMom Host, Jenny Dean Schmidt, shares 3 things she's learned with moms like YOU... So you can avoid these parenting mistakes! On...

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World’s Okayest Mom: Mama’s Mind Is Under Attack…

There in that sterile hospital room, amidst quick flashes of lightning from a nearby window, I lay snuggling my sweet baby girl. My daughter, MaryGrace, has epilepsy; so, she was undergoing a sleep study to be sure she was not having seizures in her sleep, which could...

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Next UP… NOT Super Mommy?

With Wonder Woman in Theaters, Do You Feel Like Un-Super Mommy? The book UnsuperMommy is Maggie Combs permission to ALL moms... to RELEASE their expectations, EMBRACE their imperfections and TAP INTO a better kind of Super Power that lasts. Relief for moms who are...

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Next UP… When Moms Feel Sad

There is Hope: It's OK To Feel Blue, Mom... MOPS on ChannelMom: Surprising Advice for Those Dark Moments You're allowed to feel sad, depressed and just Not OK... as a Mom. AND your friends don't have to say "just the right thing" to fix it. HOW to cope and help other...

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One Mom’s Answer to “Where Does God Live?”

Where does God live? It might sound like a childish question, but it’s also a legitimate one. In my mind’s eye, I often think of God “living” in heaven where he observes us from his throne room. That image doesn’t necessarily conjure up feelings of intimacy and...

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Next UP… Putting Motherhood Before Career?

Risking Her Life to Be Mom... And Meet Amazing Mom Winners: Rosie Suerdieck discovered a NEW approach to her motherhood when she went through the life-threatening birth of her 4th child. HEAR her story and advice for moms who want to mother AND do career ALSO......

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Next Up… Mother’s Day Hope & Happiness

Get Inspired... Beyond Mother's Day! MOPS on ChannelMom: An Amazing Mother's Day Offering... it's the Mother's Day Kit available NOW. PLUS... inspiration and tips for moms in need of some joy. ALSO... announcing One Amazing Mom winners with Lemongrass Spa You can find...

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Next Up… Infertility and Adoption with QVC Mom

Mom And QVC Host Opens Up About Infertility and Adoption... Kerstin Lindquist shares hope-filled story of infertility and adoption. She wants to help other moms and moms-to-be... with advice from her new book: 5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace...

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