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Why She Hid Miss America Title

Newswoman Gretchen Carlson Hid Miss America Title … for GOOD reason.  Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989, did not tell her kids about her Miss America title for years.  Despite giving people the news for a living, as a FOX News anchor, Gretchen wasn’t eager to share this news with her children.  Hear Gretchen’s heart-warming reasons […]

Help For Sex Issues In Marriage

Sex Issues Can Be Overcome If you need to improve intimacy in your relationship, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, author of Love & Respect can help with sex issues in marriage!  Dr. Eggerichs has used research and sound principles to save thousands of marriages nationwide. Sexless Marriage? Many couples report that they’ve grown apart, are too busy […]

Overcoming Bad Body Image

Bestselling Author Stasi Eldredge Eldredge helps  women feel better about their bodies & themselves.  With her new book & DVD, Becoming Myself, Eldredge can help YOU get to a better place!  She helps women overcome bad body image, battles with self-worth, difficult childhood and more. Better Body Image & Self-Image Stasi’s new book & video […]

Feeling Rejection In Divorce?

GET HELP From TV Newswoman’s Story Four Words That Made Her Feel Rejection.  This Newswoman Tells An Unbelievable Story of Her Own Painful Rejection in Divorce… Hope & Healing in the story of Hattie Kauffman, author of Falling Into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming. Rejection In Divorce Can Devastate Women But there IS hope.  In […]

Moms Debate Legal Marijuana

Moms Debate On Pot Legalization One mom says YES and one says NO.  Hear their surprising reasons in this brief clip.   Authors Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker may be best friends, but they disagree on the hot topic of legal marijuana. Why One Mom Approves Legal Marijuana Find out which mom says “yes” to legalizing […]