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Thinking Mom Blog: Get Your Home Value

Thinking Mom’s Blog: Getting Home Value If you are an active buyer anywhere in the Denver area, you probably nod vigorously when someone at a cocktail party casually states, “I hear the housing market is hot right now.”  As a real estate professional on the front lines, I see buyers who are discouraged because they […]

Thinking Mom Blog: If She’s The Fun Mom, You’re The _____ Mom

The Thinking Mom Blog by Michelle Walters “She” is the mom you watch from a distance… and you secretly wish you were more like her. She’s the Fun Mom, the one who does messy art projects with her kids (with glitter, no less!) and drops everything to spontaneously lie in the grass and watch the […]

Are You An Irrelevant Mom And Washed-Up Woman?

Jenny’s Channelmom Blog: So, I recently told my BFF that this may be the hardest time of of life.  She agreed.  Let’s call it the stage when women begin feeling irrelevant to their kids or washed-up as “aging” women. See if you understand where I’m coming from:  We’ve been through those big, glamorized milestones, right?  […]