Where does God live? It might sound like a childish question, but it’s also a legitimate one. In my mind’s eye, I often think of God “living” in heaven where he observes us from his throne room. That image doesn’t necessarily conjure up feelings of intimacy and friendship, but is it true? Does God stay seated at the helm of eternity, watching our every move so he can bless the good and smite the bad?

Not according to the Bible.

There are many scriptures that give us clues and insight into God’s dwelling place and, I’ll give you a hint, it’s not one place and (double-hint), he’s not sitting back.

For right now, I want to highlight one specific verse: Psalm 22:3:

“…You are holy, you who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.”

Other translations read: “You inhabit the praises of Israel.”

According to King David, who I believe wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, one of the places God lives is in the worship of his people. I find this so comforting.

God does not always feel close by. Sometimes, it feels like he’s the furthest thing away. I can stress and strive and work to find him but, often, I come up empty and feel even more alone.

But then there’s worship. Then there’s praise. Even the smallest praise.

It never fails that when I walk into church or small group or even a girl’s night that I find him “inhabiting the praises of his people.” As we sing and discover and share, he feels closer than my own skin.

He never leaves, by the way. Those moments when I feel alone or he feels far – those feelings are misleading. They’re real and they need to be addressed, but they aren’t based in truth. God is always with me. He can’t not be nearby. It would go against his nature as my Creator.

So, my sisters, the next time you find yourself asking, “Where does God live?” or “Where did God go?” I encourage you to stop whatever you’re doing and worship him, in whatever way you know how. He inhabits the praises of his people and he will not hide from those who seek to find him.







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Amber is wife to her high-school crush and mom to three kiddos: two from her tummy and one through adoption. As “mama” of a multi-racial family, Amber is learning to see life though a beautifully colored lens and seeks to share what she is learning through her writing. Amber is passionate about encouraging women to be brave and to love well as they juggle all that life throws at them. Read more on Amber’s personal blog: www.heryeslegacy.com and follow her on IG: @heryeslegacy.com.

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