How To Stop Negative Self-Talk Today

Freedom for Moms who Struggle with Negative Thoughts... Michelle Peiffer Helps Moms Stop Negative Self-Talk. Ever have self doubt? NEGATIVE self talk? Or just feel stuck and alone? You're NOT alone! Many moms struggle with negative thoughts. A NEGATIVE OUTLOOK can...

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Self-Care Tips for Over Committed Moms

For a season in my life I was over committed... to everything. That season looked like this: We were in ALL the activities for ALL the good causes; I was on the steering team for my MOPS group, working in the classroom, serving on the church set up team, running the...

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Duck Dynasty for REAL on Channelmom The Guys from TV's Duck Dynasty step off the set to talk Faith, Family & Future: Enjoy EXCLUSIVE Channelmom video of Phil & Willie's extended comments; the pair are asked about controversial topics, including their...

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Next Up: How to Have Best Family Christmas

3 Keys to Take the Chaos Out of Christmas: HELP! How do moms stop chaos and busyness from CRASHING CHRISTMAS?! Jami Kirkbride is our counselor IN THE HOUSE from Parenting With Personality. How to get reality to come closer to your vision for your family's...

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Next Up: How to Win Your Battles As Mom

Kelly Balarie Helps Moms Think Better In Their Battles... Moms face physical, emotional and spiritual battles... leading to self-doubt, fear, defeat and lack of faith. Kelly Balarie aims to FIX YOUR THINKING with help from her new book Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to...

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Next Up: How to Live Life Bigger As A Mom

Learning the Power of Yes, No and Maybe... Wendy Pope gives moms hope that life can get better! Do you ever look at your life and wonder, Is this as good as it gets? Sometimes when life feels mundane, we succumb to weariness over unfilled dreams and unanswered...

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Next Up: The One Threat To Kids Today

And How To Stop It From Hurting Our Children: Pastor Thomas let moms know what he sees as biggest threat to this generation! Are you concerned about how culture impacts your kids? Does division in today's society threaten your kids' future? Learn how to  FIX THE...

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Next Up: Best Stress Relief Advice for Moms

Too Blessed To Be Stressed For Moms: Popular Author and Speaker Debora Coty Offers Moms Her Best Stress Relief Stuff! Do you ever feel like you're drowning in the everyday stress-pool? Or do you wish you could make busyness a business and be a millionaire? Get STRESS...

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Next Up: Hope For Anyone With Painful Past

Couple's Story Proves There is Always Hope: Stephen and Kristin decide to share their brutal story to help others. Sexual abuse, addiction, abandonment, loss and criminal behavior brought him to DEATH'S DOOR, but Stephen experienced a MIRACULOUS transformation....

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